Limoges Thimbles

Limoges ThimblesLimoges Porcelain is one of the world’s most famous porcelain producing regions and is a generic term for porcelain produced in Limoges rather than the production of a specific factory.

Beginning in 1771 and following on from the soft paste porcelain factories of the early 18th Century, a hard-paste porcelain industry developed near Limoges. Large kaolin deposits had been discovered nearby and the hard paste porcelain method had been perfected by that time.

By the 1800’s, Limoges had become one of the largest porcelain centres in Europe with a number of factories established including the famous Haviland which continues production today.

Founded by American David Haviland in 1842 who was fascinated by “Limousin white gold” and was moved to cross the Atlantic to set up in Limoges. The Haviland factory initially made tableware for the American market with porcelain featuring soft colors that blend together and small floral patterns.

Limoges maintains the position it established in the nineteenth century as the premier manufacturing city of porcelain in France.



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