Coalport Thimbles


The Coalport Porcelain Factory was established in 1795 by John Rose.  He began his pottery business in Jackfield in 1793 but moved to Coalport two years later.

Coalport Thimbles

Coalport was a small settlement on the banks of the River Severn in the United Kingdom.  
The Coalport China Museum now stands on the site of the Coalport Pottery in what is now called Ironbridge.
The works was moved to Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire, known as The Potteries, in 1926.
Coalport joined the Wedgwood Group in 1967 and today operates out of the Wedgwood site at Barlaston, where they have their own manufacturing unit and their own range of backstamps.
According to John von Hoelle Coalport made thimbles during the nineteenth century but they were not marked.
Coalport thimbles have domed apexes and rarely have gold-painted rims. The rim is flared and the china is slightly chunky, not being fine bone china.

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