Gold Antique Thimbles

Gold Antique Thimble
Gold thimbles were introduced into society to improve upon the quality of the standard silver thimbles that were used by seamstresses and domestic servants.
The silver thimble would allow for the needle to pass through after much wear and tear. This was very painful for those who used them on a regular basis. The gold thimble was more durable and prevented the needle from passing through. 
Thimbles were relatively affordable in that time period and the average price was 2.5 cents. In the Early 1900 ‘s the Gold Thimble became a symbol of American Patriotism. Soldiers fighting in the war were given thimbles as gifts from members of high society. The thimbles were presented in their own boxes, which just as the thimbles themselves, were made of gold and adorned. The adornment consisted of the name of the individual the thimble was being presented to and from whom it was being presented. The thimble boxes were also decorated with Jewels and Gems such as turquoise and rubies. The Gold thimble may have been small in size, but it carried with it a meaning far beyond that of simple sewing.

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